Relationships are a passion of mine, and have thus become an area of expertise.

Creating and maintaining rich, rewarding, long-term relationships is something all of us need, regardless of our lifestyle and life choices. If this is an area of your life that has been problematic or if it’s something you wish to explore more deeply, I am interested in helping you to awaken to the true potential relationship has to offer, be it with friends, family, children, co-workers, partners, or your spouse. I have worked with individuals on these issues, and I have worked with a variety of configurations – couples, poly partners, siblings, parent-child (of all ages), friends, etc.

If you are a couple and you wish to renew, deepen or repair your relationship, I can help. I have helped couples early in their relationship to build a foundation that can support growth, change, and the challenges life might bring, as well as couples who have been together for decades. We can address some of the issues that plague couples over the long-term and work on communication skills and intimacy building.

I have also worked with many couples after infidelity, addiction, and/or other major disruption to rebuild trust and intimacy and create a new relationship that will be stronger moving forward.

I have helped couples to open up their relationship to include non-traditional and/or a non-monogamous lifestyle (polyamorous, open, triad, etc). I can help a couple, in an intimate and loving way, discover the type of relationship that’s true for you and a reflection of your nature, goals, and desires, and to work through issues that emerge in that process.

I have also helped couples end their relationship/marriage as amicably as possible. Using a therapist to help a couple through the process of breakup or divorce can facilitate a more healthy and positive ending and future for all involved, and save a great deal of money on legal fees.